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Saturday, 19 March 2011

Faithful Friends #3

Hosted by Should Be Reading

1) What kinds of Christian books do you like to read? Why?

Like my choice in non-Christian books, my choice of Christian books might appear quite random. I never pick up a Christian book because it is a certain type of book. I particularly like reading fiction. If I see a book of Christian fiction I almost always pick it up and read the back. If the plot sounds interesting and not too preachy then I'll generally buy it. A good plot to me is something that either relates to normal life or is meant to be a fantastically allegory. I don't tend to pick up romance novels, whether they be Christian or non-Christian. 
I seem to have answered the question what Christian books don't I like to read and why. But that's more the way that I think. I'm keen on reading all sorts of books in order to widen my view of Christianity, Jesus and God.
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