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Friday, 18 March 2011

Book Blogger Hop #7

Book Blogger Hop     
 Hosted by Crazy for Books

"Do you read only one book at a time, or do you have several going at once?" 

I try to stick to one book at a time. The reason for this is because I like to really read myself into the world it is set in and I find this hard if I'm reading more than one. Ocassionally I make an exception to this rule- for instance if my main read is very large (so unsuitable for transporting around) or likely to give me nightmares (and therefore unsuitable as a bedtime read). I might also read more than one book if I'm doing a read-a-long, so that I can stay in the same chapter as other people.
So, in short, I usually read only one book at a time, but it is possible that I can have several going at once.
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