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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Am I really decreasing my TBR pile enough?

OK, so I went out today on a walk with 8 bookcrossing books to wild release. I managed to get rid of them all, but I've come home with 5 more books. How did that happen? you may ask. Well, whilst wandering around the town where I parked the car I happened to pass a second-hand bookshop. And said bookshop had a 5 books for £2 offer outside. Enough said!

So, here's what I bought today:

Books for reading and then bookcrossing/ swapping / giveaways etc

Allotted Time by Robin Shelton
Robin Shelton was at a crisis point in his life- divorced, broke and suffering from depression- when he and his trusty mate Steve decided to take on a project, a chance to achieve something solid. They decided to rent an allotment.
Safari Adventure by William Price
The entire population of Tsavo, Africa's largest game reserve, is threatened by big-game poachers. Hal and Roger capture the poachers, using 'dope darts'- but find it more difficult to track down their leader, the mysterious Blackbeard
Alexander: Child of A Dream by Valerio Massimo Manfredi
Who could have been born to conquer the world other than a god? A boy, born to a great king- Philip of Macedon- and his sensuous queen, Olympias. Alexander became a young man of immense, unfathomable potential. Under the tutelage of the great Aristotle and with the friendship of Ptolemy and Hephaiston, he became the mightiest and most charismatic warrior, capable of subjugating the known world to his power

For BookCrossing wild releases

The Hodgeheg by Dick King-Smith
The story of Max, the hedgehog who becomes a hodgeheg , who becomes a hero! Max's family dreams of reaching the Park. But no one has ever found a safe way of crossing the very busy road. Can Max really solve the problem?
Mr Majeika by Humphrey Carpenter
This was St Marty's Primary School on a wet Monday morning. And magic carpets don't turn up in schools. Class Three knew that. But there was no denying it. A genuine magic carpet had just flown through the classroom window in front of their very eyes. And what's more, Class Three's new teacher was sitting on it!
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