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Saturday, 5 March 2011

Faithful Friends #2

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What do you think it’d take to make Christianity compelling — even irresistable — again?
This may be contraversial, but my immediate thought was- is Christianity supposed to be irresistable (or even compelling)? Surely the point is that we have a choice whether to be a Christian or not. If it was irresistable then we wouldn't ever really have to make that choice. Something that's irresistable tends to be easy to take, with no disadvantages. Jesus' life certainly wasn't like this and neither was that of the early disciples! God's love is unconditional and may seem irresistable to those already committed to him, but having a relationship with him is never the easy choice!

Christianity will be compelling to those who understand that the advantages of a relationship with Gods outweigh the disadvantages. So I guess the only way to make Christianity compelling is to be open about how good our relationship with Gods is. We musn't be afraid to speak about our faith and answer the doubts that others have where possible. This is easier said that done, but it may be the only way to make Christianity come anywhere near compelling to an unbeliever.
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