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Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Back To School Book Blogger Challenge Day Two

Day Two: Share Your Dream Reading Assignments
If I'm honest, the idea of reading assignments is totally against what I believe in. But, I presume, the English equivalent would be to set homework to go home and read books studied in class. So, I'm going to answer the question 'what books would I like to see studied in schools'.
Now, this is very topical in this country as we've recently had quite a bit of controversy regarding Mr Gove trying to make our reading more 'English' and 'traditional'. Personally I'd like to see some more modern stuff in there that deals with issues people are really interested in.
I thought I'd find it really easy to come up with a list of these sort of books but, to be honest, I'm struggling. I do know I believe all school children should read books by Michael Morpurgo (some good links with other subjects there). Other than that, it is very hard to choose which books to pick. I would like books that cover a range of cultures, times and places; books that stir the imagination; as well as a few that teach them about traditional English stories. I think I would include Animal Farm, and there is certainly room for some Shakespeare (Midsummer Night's Dreams is probably my favourite). I would like Huckleberry Finn to be included as well.
Looking at this from a different, purely selfish, angle, I would like to be able to discuss some of The Chronicles of Narnia, Philip Pullman, and Jasper Fforde's Dragonslayer.
So, my dream reading assignments for a year? Well pick from those above and I guess it would make a truly eclectic mix.
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