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Sunday, 24 June 2012

Wicked Wildfire Challenge: Party Up Withh Literature

This challenge so fits the theme that I'm planning for blogging in August (more about that next week) that I just had to join in.

The host is A Written Rhapsody

In a comment or post(leave a link), pick a character(s) from your current read and do at least two of the following:
Create a catchy band name for your group of characters or solo artist.
Tell me what genre they would sing.
Find a song and/or lyric that would fit the book and tell me who it’s by and why it fits.
Find a music video that would relate to the book and leave the link.
Create a playlist of three to five songs that would go with your book.

My book is Leonardo's Chair by John Desimone
In my band are Jacob Stein, Tosatti and Duke Frederick of Savoy. The band would be called Righteous Theft.
And this is the song that relates to my book (could also be a great one for them to sing):
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