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Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Networking: In Real Life

I absolutly love meeting up with other readers, and especially book bloggers. Its really interesting to find out what those I've met online are really like. It's a great opportunity to chat about books. Plus, there seems to often be the added incentive of getting new books as well.

Some of my favourite meetings though have been totally by accident. The prior acquiantance who just happens to mention they have a book blog one day, the person who sees you reading and wants to know more, another who sees me releasing a wild book and starts to talk about their favourite author. These are unexpected gems that really brighten up my day, especially when it obviously makes the other person happy to share as well.

I've never really tried to network in real life. I keep thinking that I ought to make business cards for my blog, but somehow I've never got round to it (besides which, would I actually have the nerve to give them out?). I know I ought to mention my blog at book signings, but I'm always too nervous to. Maybe one day I'll manage to do it; in the meantime- any tips?

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