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Monday, 11 June 2012

Pick Your Thon Starting Line

I'm taking part in the Pick Your Thon this week. To start, we've been asked to answer a few questions:

1. Which thon are you choosing? Readathon, Reviewathon or both? And why?
I'm doing the readathon, since I'm currently up to date with my reviewing. I've also got about 10 books on my immediate TBR pile at the moment.
2. Where are you from? You can be vague or specific, up to you
3. Say a little bit about yourself so we can get to know you if we don't already! 
What is there to say? Ummm, I like all sorts of books. Also playing music and making tapestries. I collect cacti and stamps. 
4. What are you currently reading or about to pick up to read?
 A Dark Time by Dennis Bradford
5. What are your goals for this Pick Your Thon?
Just to get in as much reading as I can. 
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