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Monday, 18 June 2012

Pick Your Thon Results

First of all, apologies for not updating during the event. Unfortunatly it coincided with preparing for a craft
stall on Saturday, and I just didn't get the chance to come online much at all last week.

Anyway, this update is 'better late than never' as they say.

I read two book during pick-your-thon: A Dark Time by Dennis Bradford and Small Gods by Terry Pratchett. I managed to finish A Dark Time and a review will hopefully be up tomorrow.

I read 179 pages in total during 3.5 hours. Unfortunatly this is only about the same amount of reading than I normally due. Alongside being busy, I just didn't feel like doing the extra reading needed on Saturday.

Hopefully next time I'll manage to do some more reading, and do some challenges as well. I still had a good time though and I'm looking forward to catching up with other people's posts over the next week.

How was your reading or reviewing week?
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