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Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Social Networking: A Blessing or a Hinderance?

A Blessing?
  • I love being able to easily interact with others, in a much faster when than through e-mails or comments.
  • Its really easy to find out interesting things via twitter, or see what's popular at a certain time.
  • Tweets from all your favourite blogs, or people, can be seen at the same time.
  • Tweets are great for getting a quick glimpse of a thought.
  • Social networks are for being social- and its pretty easy to do so.
  • They're great for reaching loads of different people.

A Hinderance?
  • Its all too easy to get distracted from reading or (god forbid) working by tweets
  • Do you really want everyone to know all that you've put on facebook?
  • Why do people seem to think you want to know what they had for breakfast?
  • I seem to be swamped with information about events I can't attend, or giveaways I can't enter

What's your opinion?

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