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Friday, 5 February 2010

Welcome (and my intentions for this blog)

Welcome to 'The Story Factory Reading Zone'.

First, I better explain the title. Quite a while ago I started a website called 'QNN Story Factory' where I posted my Queen fan-fiction writings. As I started writing non-Queen stories as well this became known as 'The Story Factory'. It also began to include writings by other Queen fans.

The reason for this blog?
I've always loved reading, but since joining BookCrossing I've been increasingly reading more and more books. One of the forum posters there talked about their book blog and this reminded me of an old blog that I had on blogger. So, I decided to start a book blog as well

What will be in it?
Anything to do with books basically.
I'm hoping to post reviews of books that I read, information on my activities on BookCrossing, any book signings or meetups that I go to, interesting reading-related information from the internet and links to some of my stories (I may even include a few extracts here).
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