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Saturday, 6 February 2010

1 Wild Release and 2 new books bought

Just popped out to Tesco.

While I was there I did the following release: http://bookcrossing.com/journal/7774008/releasedone
The book's called Enduring Love (there's a short review there on BookCrossing)

Also couldn't resist buying a couple of books from their 2 books for £7 section (worked out basically half price).
So, I bought 'The Children's Book by AS Byatt' and 'The Road by Cormac McCarthy'. Now I am supposed to be clearing my shelves, but its always so hard to resist buying interesting books when they're reduced. When I'll read these they'll probably end up in BookCrossing (unless they're so good that I know I'm going to want to read them again), so at least I know they won't clutter up my shelves for too long.
Reviews on here when I've finished reading
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