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Friday, 12 February 2010

The Shack (a review)

Deep, profound and thought-provoking, this contraversial book really spoke to me. It made me reconsider all my preconceptions and rediscover the God at the heart of my feelings, as well as my faith.

Take the book as a true story or fiction, the events as a dream or reality, the essence of this book is the getting back to basics view of God's spirit which it offers readers. It speaks of a true salvation, real forgiveness and offers some ideas about the existence of evil in this world. Of course it doesn't give all the answers, no man can do that (and it is important to remember that the author is simply a man), but it does begin to make you question if you really need those answers.

It is clear that this book does not appeal to everyone whether Christian, belonging to other faiths or of no faith at all. But for me it is the controversy which reveals that its heart is in the right place. For if it was no contraversial, could it truly present a view of God's world which speaks against the accepted thinking of a material world?!

Read it and then make your own mind up!
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