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Saturday, 20 February 2010

Wallingford Methodist Church Book Sale

...Was 11am until 1pm today.

I went down and (guess what) treated myself to some more books. The lady who served me seemed surprised at how many books I'd bought in-fact. I told her about BookCrossing and explained that this was why I could afford to buy books without worrying about the space they took up.

Anyway, here's what I bought:
The Shadow of the Wind- To be included in the 4 elements release challenge next month
Leakey's Luck- Hoping that Leak might be a viable word for the 4 elements challenge
Guppies for Tea
House of Orphans
The God of Small Things- Had heard that this was good, so thought I'd give it a go
And Another Thing (Jeremy Clarkson)
The Book of General Ignorance- Might keep me amused for a while. Think I annoyed several people with me quotes when I read The Book of Animal Ignorance
Me Cheeta- Supposedly an autobiography by a chimp, interesting idea that
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