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Wednesday, 30 January 2013

New Year Wishes January Update

The first update of how I'm getting on with my New Year Wishes

My 4 blogging 'wishes' 2/4:
  1. To look ahead in my reading to the next month's theme so that I always have something to post - I've had so many books to read for rays or reviews this month that I haven't really done this in January. However, I already have a lot of Febbruary posts scheduled, so I shouldn't make any difference.
  2. To schedule posts in advance so that I have no more than 1 day a week where I miss posting.- I managed this right up until last week. Then I found I didn't have much more to say about new things. Hopefully my already scheduled February posts will put me back up track on this one.
  3. To update my reading challenge progress at least every 2 months. - See yesterday. 
  4. To remember to add a picture and question to my posts. I'm told this a good way of helping you, my readers, to enjoy them just a little bit more. I think I've done this for most posts this month.  

My 3 reading 'wishes' 2/3 on the way:
  1. Never to feel forced to read a certain book, or keep reading until the end of it. - Despite having lots of books I had to read, I've not felt forced to read any of them. 
  2. To complete at least 1 reading challenge (set by myself or others). -I've progressed on one out of 4 of my reading challenge aims (biblical challenge)
  3. To read some more 'Ursula Le Guin' and 'Jasper Fforde' books- I seem to have neglected these recently.- No progress.

My 5 fitness 'wishes' 1/4:
  1. To go to the gym 2 or 3 times each week- Most weeks
  2. To keep a track of when I go to the gym, and my weight loss- I've kept a track of weight loss, but not visits to the gym.
  3. To weigh myself once a week- Done this one.
  4. To keep a range of healthy snacks in the house, and get rid of the chocolate- Chocolate isn't quite gone (but at least I haven't scoffed it all). I have a range of healthy snacks at the ready.
  5. To go walking at least one day in the Easter holidays, and twice in the summer holidays- N/A

My 4 writing 'wishes' 0/4:
  1. To attend my first writing course- it's still booked 
  2. To write a least a paragraph each month- forgot about this one
  3. To write an original character into a story- not yet
  4. To post at least one short story on my writing blog- not yet

My 4 music 'wishes' 2/4:
  1. To do some more conducting- a few training band warmups this month
  2. To perform a horn solo- not yet
  3. To perform a singing solo- not yet
  4. To learn to play the cornet- still practising. I can sort of hit an octave from C now.

Ongoing total: 7/19
 Not bad, I think!

How are you doing on your New Year Resoolutions?  

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