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Thursday, 10 January 2013

New Year Film Reviews

I don't often to film reviews but over Easter I went to see two book-inspired movies, so I thought I'd share my thoughts with you. I tried to take the films as totally seperate entities to the books and, as its a while since I read either of them, I think I managed it for once.

The Hobbit
Dramatic and captivating, this movie really sent time-flying. I was disappointed when it ended.
The opening scene was well-set, linking the movie with events in The Lord of The Rings in-case the audience didn't realise the connection. However, for those if us who did know, it seemed a little repetative.
The best character in the film was Golem- still amazingly realistic; both creepy and pitiful at the same time. I also enjoyed the Orcs and Trolls, although they all seemed a little too similar for my liking. 
There was a lot packed into this film. When one considers that it was originally meant to be the first of two films, its easy to see why the franchise ended it to three in the end. None of the detail seemed unnecessary and it would have been a pity to cut any of it. In fact, in places it could have done with slowing down more in my opinion. 
As good as Lord of The Rings, I'm looking forward to the sequels.

The Life of Pi (3D)
Slow to start, this movie suddenly took off as the main action began. From there on it was am amazing experience, truly taking advantage of the 3D capabilities.
The Tiger was amazingly realistic, it was impossible to tell if it was a real tiger or not throughout the film. The actor playing young Pi was incredibly talented, and was able to persuade the audience of the possibility of the impossible (with one exception).
Filled with theological and religious metaphors, The Life of Pi was thought-provoking throughout. Its story could be taken on many levels and so is suitable for a wide variety of people. There were a few graphic sections though that young children might be unconfortable with.
The film rounded off very well, bringing all the threads of the tale together. A must-see (and I'd particularly recommend seeing it in 3D).

What book-inspired films have you seen recently?

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