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Monday, 7 January 2013

Why I love books about the future

They say that space is the final frontier, but I guess I look at the future that way as well. After all, you can't reall cross into the future, you just sort of get there; and then its no longer the future, but the present instead.

No-one can truly predict the future. They've been plenty of guesses though, often with hilarious results and ocasionally with amazingly accurate ideas. For me, everytime I pick up a future-predicting fiction I wonder which option it'l turn out to be 50 or so years from now.

With the most inspiring books I really begin to picture the world as it could be. And, unlike science fiction about other planets, you know that it might just be true.

When I pick up a dystopian novel I want to be slightly scared that it might just happen. When I hear of a future society I want to consider whether I would like it there or not.

What sort of books do you love and why?

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