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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

A new OBCZ: The First in a Church?

Last Sunday was the first day of my permanent OBCZ. For those who don't know, OBCZ stands for 'Official BookCrossing Zone'. Its a shelf where people can pick up BookCrossing registered books to read and then pass on. They can also leave books they have finished for others to enjoy.

I've been doing a sort-of BookCrossing Zone at our Messy Church  for a while now, but it had become a real chore bringing them back and forth between sessions. Plus, I wanted the books to be enjoyed by all. And so, last Sunday, the All Saints OBCZ was born.

I'm hoping to expand its range out from children's books (secular and religious) to adult Christian books as well. The first adult Christian book was taken from the shelf today, and I'm hoping some of the books will be journalled soon.
So, please wish me all the best for my new venture, and maybe I'll see you there at some point.

Where's your nearest OBCZ?
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