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Friday, 1 February 2013

Men At Arms by Terry Pratchett (A Review)

A Young Dwarf's Dream

Corporal Carrot has been promoted He's now in charge of the new recruits guarding Ankh-Morpork, Discworld's greatest city, from Barbarian Tribes, Miscellaneous Marauders, unlicensed Thieves, and such. It's a big job, particularly for an adopted dwarf.

But an even bigger job awaits. An ancient document has just revealed that Ankh-Morpork, ruled for decades by Disorganized crime, has a secret sovereign And his name is Carrott...

And so begins the most awesome epic encounter of all time, or at least all afternoon, in which the fate of a city--indeed of the universe itself --depends on a young man's courage, an ancient sword's magic, and a three-legged poodle's bladder.

My review:
One of Terry Pratchett's best, this is full of characters both familiar to Discworld readers and brand new. Trolls and dwarves and particularly predominant, but we learn a lot about inter-species relations in general within Ankh-Morpork. Things are a-changing, but who can bring those changes to order?

Comedy flows from the page with such subtelty that is sometime becomes one with the somewhat complex plot.

Great for those who have already enjoyed Discworld, but relies heavily on previous stories. 


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