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Monday, 11 February 2013

Music Out of The Pages: A sweet soprano

Dragonsong by Anne McCaffrey
She didn't hear the music at first, it was soft, as if Oharan was playing to himself at a nearby table.
"Would you sing along with me, Menolly?" asked Oharan softly, as she looked up to see him taking a place at the table.
Well, no harm in singing. It would help her keep awake until the Masterharper arrived. S she joined in. Beauty and Rocky roused at the sound of her voice, but Rocky went back to sleep after a peevish complaint. Beauty, however, dropped down to Menolly's shoulder, her sweet soprano trill blending with Menolly's voice.
"Do sing another verse, Menolly," said Manora, emerging from the shadows of the darkened cavern. 
She took the chair opposite Menolly, looking weary, but sort of peaceful and pleased. Oharan struck the bridging chords and started the second verse.
"My dear, you have such a restful voice," Manora said when the last chord died away. "Sing me another one and then I'm away."
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