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Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Operation Deepen Faith: January Check-in

You can read more about my resolutions for 'Operation Deepen Faith' here. 

Going Deep
I've almost finished reading the NIV translation of Romans (only 1 chapter away). I've set myself the challenge of reading a chapter a day and, most days, I'm managing that.

I've been finding this bit a little bit harder. I've chosen to pick a verse each week and put a post about it on my faith blog, 'Blog for the Thought'. I've only actually managed to do it once this past month though.
Here is the link to my post for those that are interested:
Reflection on Romans 8:14

Christian Non-Fiction
I've decided to make every 4th book in my small TBR pile a christian book. Some of these are christian fiction and others are non-fiction. What actually surprised me was how many christian non-fiction books I had on my TBR shelves already. I'm certain that I will make my aim of reading 3 books, as I've already read one this month. I haven't had a chance to post the review yet, but the title is 'Just:Imagine The Social Justice Agenda' by Danielle Strickland and Campbell Roberts.

Are you doing this or a similar challenge? How are you doing?
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