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Saturday, 18 February 2012

Saturday 9: I Second That Emotion

Hosted by Saturday 9

1. Do you every solicit advise on your love life?
Nope, I'm quite happy being single.

2. What was the last thing you argued with someone about? 
Almost certain that would have been some sort of argument with my parents- not sure what it was about though

3. Who do you hate right now? 

4. Who do you love right now? 
No-one in a romantic way. In a familiar way- my parents, auntie, grandma etc.

5. Where do you want to be in 6 years? 
Working with autistic young people/children for a living

6. What is your craziest vice?
Crazy? Mmmmm, that's a hard one! Probably blue cheese with christmas cake (although it only comes round once or twice a year)

7. How did you celebrate Valentines Day? 
I didn't, I thoroughly ignored it

8. What is your most unique or fondest memory of a special Valentine's Day? 
Not a special day for me I'm afraid 

9. Were you in the same location five years ago that you are today? Would you have expected to be? 
Yes, and no. I was expecting to have moved out of my parents' house, but with the financial crisis. *shrugs*
How would you answer these questions? Feel free to leave a link to your responses (or post them in the comments) and I'll try to check them out. 
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