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Friday, 17 February 2012

BBRAW 2012: Improvement Abound

Hosted by Miss Remmers' Review

Take this opportunity to survey your readers; maybe you haven't done this in years or perhaps ever. Find out what it is about your blog that your faithful readers love, what they wish you wouldn't do (constructive criticism is never a bad thing), what keeps readers coming back for more, what posts they'd love for you to do more of (vlogs etc). The possibilities are endless!

Recently I've been considering different ways of letting people follow me, as well as how I can reply to comments left.

I've set up a presence on facebook, as well as joining networkedblogs and linkyfollowers. I've also tried to make ways to follow a bit more obvious. So my question to you is, how easy do you find it to follow me? Is there anything else I can do to make it easier.

As regards replying to comments- I'd love to reciprocate all the visits that get made, and reply to all your comments straight away. But, unfortunatly, I just don't have the time what with life, reading, posting and other commitments. So I'm trying something new, replying to comments in one giant post near the end of every month. At that point I also check out any blog links I've been given and follow them if they look interesting. In addition, I choose one blog to follow for each meme with a linky that I make a post for. I'd like to know if you feel that I am replying to your comments, whether or not you'd noticed my monthly post and, if not, any suggestions of what I can do about it given my lack of time. 

Since I've only just posted a google doc for interview questions, I'm going to ask for replies in the comments this time. I promise to take them onboard, consider them and act on them where possible.
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