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Thursday, 2 February 2012

Just: Imagine (The Social Justice Agenda) by Danielle Strickland & Campbell Roberts (A Review)

Just Imagine is a call to action. The authors, both Christians and active proponents of social justice, remind us og the world-changers who shaped our Christian heritage and equipped us with the tools we need to follow in their footsteps. Just Imagine is a thorough exploration of the biblical and Christian foundations of social justice, and a practical guide to applying them in our own lives, in our local and ultimately in our global communities. Filled with inspiring examples, stimulating advice and helpful resources, Just Imagine encourages us to live out the dream of God's just world in our waking lives, and help it to become a reality.

This truly is an inspiring book. The examples have been carefully chosen and explained in a way which can be related to and which does not seem impossible to come close to emulating with God's help. The book includes clear step-to-step plans for ways to reflection on issues and construct strategies to help others. These are applied to specific issues but, with a little imagination, could be developed to include a much wider range of needs. Throughout my reading I was drawn to exploring issues, groups and strategies in more depth- often finding myself reading next to an open internet screen so as to have more information at my fingertips. Now that I have finished, I'm keen to look at the list of organisation and website links in the back of the book. I've also become more interested than ever in praying to find out what God wants me to do.
I received this book at the Christian Resources Exhibition. All opinions are my own.

Action Reader's Action: Consider what cause you believe is the most important. This could be done through prayer and/or looking at what's been most important to you in the past. Write an Action Plan to help you think about how you can make a difference.

Discussion point: Tell us about a cause close to your heart. Why should we get involved / care about it?
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