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Sunday, 2 December 2012

Music Out Of The Pages: Twelve Days of Christmas

"Quick, quick!" said the partridge. "Are we all ready? Now tell the princess what her present is."
"Twelve ladies dancing," said the ladies on the lowest branch.
"Eleven lord a-leaping," sang the lords, rocketing up and down through the tree. Creak! Rattle!
"Ten pipers piping- one, two, one two three four," sang the pipers, and went into a spirited rendering of the tune.
"Nine drummers drumming." Thud! Boom!
"Eight maids a-milking."
"Hiss! Hiss! went the seven swans, who couldn't a-swim on their branch and were angry about it.
"Honk! Honk!" went the six geese a-laying.
"Ring! Ting!" sang the give gold rings in the wind.
"Call! Chirrup," sang the four calling birds.
"Le Cackle!" cackled the three French hens.
"Coo! Coo!" sang the two turtle doves.
There was a breathless pause, and everyone stared up at the partridge. He made sure they were all watching, then ruffled his feathers, stretched out his wings, and with a voice like sandpaper sang:
"And a Partridge In A Pearrrrrrrr," his neck stretched and his face went red as he took a deep breath, "Treeeeeeee!"
The Prince and The Partridge by Terry Pratchett (from A Blink of the Screen)

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