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Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Literary Presents 1: Kindle Covers

Most of you will know that I've only recently been converted to e-books.
But now that I have a Kindle of my own, I'm keen to stamp my own style on it with a personalised cover. Whilst searching for my ideal one I thought: why not share some of my findings with you, my lucky readers.

And so, here you are, some of my favourite Kindle covers from around the web (links to websites where I found them provided):

I love the notebook on this one, I think its a great way to make notes that you can access without turning the Kindle back on.

So far I've found the Bookmark feature a little hard to access when reading PDFs, so this would be ideal for me


I think its lovely the way this realistically looks like a classic book. It would be so easy to look intelligent whilst reading this one. I'd ideally have a different book to Emma (maybe Dickens of something), but the binding is to my taste. 


Colourful and exciting, this one says "relaxation and excitement" to me- the very reasons that I want to read a book. Seems very fitting therefore.

I just love the colours of this one, plain and simple. Also the way the colour seems to shine is very attractive.

I won't be buying this one for myself, because its basically what I already have (my version is black), but I had to share it. Why? Because I love the fact that it has a flip-over-the-top design. It makes it so easy to prop the Kindle up, or rest it in one hand. Why do most others seem to go the other way?

Please note that I have not bought anything from most of these websites. I therefore cannot guarantee their legitimacy, or recommend buying from them.

 Now, does anyone know how to get a case that combines everythiing I like?

Or, is there one you think is better? 

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