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Sunday, 30 December 2012

2012 Reading Challenges Summary

Terry Pratchett Read in 2012:
The Colour of Magic
The Light Fantastic
Equal Rites
Wyrd Sisters
Guards! Guards!
Moving Pictures
Reaper Man
The Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents
Witches Abroad
Small Gods
Lords and Ladies
The Long Earth (with Stephen Baxter)
Men At Arms
Feet of Clay
Interesting Times  A Blink of the Screen
Dodger (currently reading)

Challenge met!
I'm also hoping to extend this one throughout next year (more about that soon).

Operation Deepen Faith 

Going Deep. 
I read Romans in as many translations as I could find. My aim was to read 4 translations. In the end I read 4 whole translations (NRSV, Youth Bible, Today's NIV, and The Message), plus up to the end of chapter 13 in The Good News Bible. I also got up to the end of Chapter 14 in the study guide 'Romans for Everyone' by Tom Wright. My online journalling didn't quite happen, however.
OK, this part didn't go quite as well. I did pray at the end of each bible passage I read; but I didn't pick them at random, write about them, or meditate on them. This is possibly something I need to work on more.

Christian Non-Fiction
I aimed to read 3 non-fiction Christian books. I thought I'd done well with this, but looking back at my records I seem to  have only managed to read Just:Imagine (which I did in January).
Challenge only 1/3 met
Maybe adapt and try again next year

Goodreads Reading Challenge
I wanted to read 100 books. I only reviewed 48. I know I've read a few others, but I don't think there were over 50 more.

Challenge failed!

Overall a bit poor. I'm guessing that this is because I was generally busier than I thought I would be. It might have helped, however, if I had recorded my challenge progress more often.

How did you do with your reading challenges?


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