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Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Christmas Food

In the night of the 30th-31st December, on the last room amnesty of 1944, all the pipsqueaks made ice cream. The bread, cut into small squares, was soaked in milk in two bowls, which we had borrowed from Auntie Mashka. Then we poured ground sugar all over the soaked bread pieces, and carefully laid them on boards from the bottom of our bedside table drawers. We placed these trays with the bread between the frames into the Yepton cooler, to freeze. About twenty minutes later, we again soaked the frozen pieces in milk and poured sugar over them, and we did this three times, and four. Before the last freezing, we smeared butter on one side of the pieces- and the product is ready. We worked in shifts, as we were freezing- a minus 30-degree Yepton was raging outside. We poured the finished ice cream into a sack made out of singlet. Until New Year's Eve we kept the sack of ice cream in the same place- between the windows, covering it from prying eyes with a piece of paper. 
Christened With Crosses by Eduard Kochergin
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