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Sunday, 11 November 2012

World Book Night 2013

Received an e-mail telling me about World Book Night 2013 last Friday.
10 minutes later I've sent in my application and am raring to go once more.

You know me, any opportunity to give away free books!
It all started for me with bookcrossing. Bookcrossing allowed me to spread my love of reading with others. Wild releasing also made it an adventure, as I never knew who would pick up my book and enjoy it next.

So, in 2011, when I heard that bookcrossing was linking up with World Book Night I just had to be involved! The first book I gave away was Cloud Atlas. I spread the copies I was given around my town, wild releasing them in bags on benches, ontop of pedestrian crossing buttons, and hanging from fences. It was lovely to see that (very soon) most of the books were gone and people were starting to discuss where they had come from.

Last year there were fewer books given out per person so my method didn't work quite as well. But I knew that those who received the books would still enjoy them and that it would attract the attention of many who might not read otherwise.

In 2011 I had left a few books in one of my local tea rooms. In 2012 I returned and left some again. The owner was really excited that she could have the opportunity to be part of the process and her customers were intrigued by the fact that there was a free book on every table. The owner even said that she wanted to join in with World Book Night the following year (so I'm hoping she's gone through with it and applied as well).

Next year I want to give out The Eyre Affair by Jasper Fforde. I think it's a perfect book for World Book Night as its great fun for new readers. Its hilarious, plus it introduces characters from literary works at the same time. What a fantastic choice! Looking back at my initial review I don't seem to have felt quite the same way the first time I looked at this book. Hopefully its just that I preferred other Jasper Fforde books. Its funny how the memory can play tricks though!

Fingers crossed I'll get to be a giver yet again.
In the meantime, why don't you apply?

P.S. And if you're in the US you don't need to be left out! Starting last year there's an Americal version as well!

Are you taking part? If so, which book have you chosen?

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