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Monday, 19 November 2012

The Mind Man by PD Richmond (A Review)


Do your thoughts stay your thoughts or do they affect other people?

What if they do and what if those people end up dead?

Could your mind be used as a lethal weapon?

What if it can…?

Sergeant Teddy Farrell is a reluctant cop in the Sacramento Police Department. He mistakenly risks everything, including his long term marriage to his college sweetheart, to uncover a fiendish world of unprecedented greed and thwarted love. What he inadvertently discovers is a town full of secrets and an obsession with a fluffy rabbit.

A spine-tingling, emotional rollercoaster with a sumptuous dusting of romantic intrigue.

Publication Date: March 2012

My review:
A very interest concept with some intriguing characters. The first half of the book set the scene for a dramatic second half, culminating in a sudden cliff-hanger.
I really wanted to like this book. I loved the idea of all the could be possible if someone could use their mind as a weapon. There were a plethora of characters that shouted out to be understood. And yet, somehow, it took me half of the book to really begin enjoying it.
I think there were a few of problems from my point of view. Firstly, there were too many characters in places. I was sometimes hard to remember who they were when their names were mentioned again. Secondly, the point of view jumped between them (even in the same scene) making it ocassionally hard to know what each character was actually aware of. And, thirdly, there were quite a few seemingly incidental remarks or happenings that actually seemed to be quite crucial later on. I think a re-read might help with this last point.
Having said that, the last part of the book was pretty gripping in places. As the tension built it became easier to engage with the characters and events took on new meanings. It was also quite interesting to guess where the action would take place next (this really is an international book!).
This book has the potential for a really great story, but it has yet to fully reach that potential in my opinion. Good for those with a great imagination and memory for detail. An OK read overall.

Action Reader's Action: Consider how your opinions affect those around you. Make a conscious effort to be more positive.

Have you ever felt controlled by others, or society in general?

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