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Thursday, 1 November 2012

Kicking Off National November!

Welcome to National November

This month I'm keeping it local and focussing down into Britain, where I live.
I'll be looking at how Britain is portrayed in books, reviewing some books by British authors and/or publishers, and featuring British blogs, publishers, bookshops, and authors.

Of course they'll be the usual meme and lots of reviews along the way!

It would also be great if you guys would get involved.
Comments are always welcome, but I'd also like to hear what Britain means to you.
Have you visited Britain?
Do you live in Britain?
Do you have a favourite British author?

If so, tell us about them.
You can simply leave a comment.
Or, if you'd like to make your contribution into a guest post/ interview then please e-mail me at neeuqfonafamai@googlemail.com.

Future Monthly Topics
If you'd like to write a guest post for any of these, then please let me know.
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January 2013- Brave New World (Science fiction)
February 2013- Fantasy February (Fantasy Writing)
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April 2013- Independent April (Independent Books/Publishers/Bookshops
May 2013- May Their Be Books (Books Within Books)
June 2013- Just Have Faith June (Christian Fiction)
July 2013- Summer Special (Summer Reading)
August 2013- Scientific Summer (Computers & Science in Literature)
September 2013- Settings September (Literary Settings)
October 2013- 'Dis Writing Ability October (Disabled authors/disability in writing)
November 2013- National November (British Literature)
December 2013- Advent Adventures (Christmas in Writing)

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