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Tuesday, 27 November 2012

The English accent

Beyond Parallel by Matthew Turner
"Bella," she said, holding  out her hand. "I like your accent, by the way. English, right/" she continued, embarassed by her lack of composure.
That's right, and you're American, but if you're from Canada, I apologize because I've got that wrong in the past."
Her anxieties began to ease as he looked at her. His blue eyes, along with his accent, provided enough reason to listen and forget about her morning so far. Memories of other English boys in her life bundled their way forward. The foreign exchange student she had kissed at sixteen, the barman in the student union offering no affection whatsoever, and the professor she decided was flirtatious, despite him calling her Emma on several ocassions. Each one took her back to fantasies of her youth, listening to The Smiths and imagining one day becoming a wife to a rock star who'd dedicate songs to her and whisk her around the globe.
"I'm a big fan of the accent. I'm sure you get it a lot, though. All my friends back home are obsessed," she said, hoping her small talk was improving.
"So you're obsessed are you?"
She realised it wasn't. "Well.. no.. obviously not-"
"I'm joking. I like your accent too..."

What's your favourite accent?
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