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Monday, 1 October 2012

Music Out of the Pages: unequal opportunities

Dragonsong by Anne McCaffrey
"Menolly's not playing any pipes, Elgion. She sliced her left hand, gutting packtail, and she can't open or close her fingers."
Elgion sank back to the deck, stunned but still hearing the clear tone of pipes. Pipes? You'd need two whole hands to plat multiple pipes. The music ceased and the wind, rising as they tacked past the Dragon Stones, covered his memory of that illusive melody. It could have been the land breeze, sweeping down over the cliffs, sounding into holes.
"Menolly did teach the children, didn't she?"
Slowly Alemi nodded. "Yanus belived the Sea Hold disgraced to have a girl taking the place of a Harper."
"Disgraced?" Once again Elgion was appalled at the obtuseness of the Sea Holder. "When she taught so well? When she can turn a tune like the ones I've seen?"
"She can play no more, Elgion. It would be cruel to ask now. She wouln't even sing in the evenings. She'd leave as soon as you started to play."
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