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Saturday, 6 October 2012

How A Kindle Became My Best Friend

Regular readers may be rather surprised by this post's title. Ever since I first heard of e-books I have been against them. I've made whole posts about why I prefer physical books and why digital books are bad. And my review policy says that no-way will I read them. But, last summer, I finally succumbed to the temptation and (surprisingly) its not as bad as it seems.

It all began when I, accidently, signed up to do virtual tours of e-books. You see I hadn't released that when it said you'd get a book for review it had to be a digital book. But once signed up I thought I'd just print some of them off to take on holiday. Then I released how long they were, and the cost this would involve.Luckily, my Dad had bought a Kindle last Christmas. So I borrowed it for a few weeks to read the aforementioned texts. It was then that I fell in love.

You see, I was born with a short-left hand. Most of the time this is no problem for me. Sure, I have to hold my book a little bit closer than most people (but this doesn't bother me as I'm short-sighted anyway). But one problem I have is that when reading for a long time I can get back-ache as I have to bend over when turning pages. Also, it can sometimes be hard to hold large paperbacks with one hand.

The Kindle solved all these problems. Suddenly I could hold a book in one hand. All at once I could turn pages without doubling over. I could read it standing up and not be worried about dropping it. I could lie on my back to read (a simple pleasure, but one I never realised I'd missed).

I still love the feel of physical books and I won't be giving them up anytime soon. But I've not realised that the benefits of e-books outweigh the disadvantages for me. And so, next Christmas, I plan to get a Kindle of my own, so that it really can become my new best friend.

N.B. I don't have a Kindle I can regularly access yet, so please still don't ask me to review e-books for the time being. After Christmas however, this may all change.

What do you think of Kindles? I'd love to read your opinion.

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