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Monday, 29 October 2012

It's Easier to Dance by Annie Harris (A Review)

It's Easier to Dance, a memoir, by Annie Laurie Harris, a woman of African American Heritage, born with cerebal palsy, depicts the highlights, turning points, and crossroads of her life with living with a complex, multi-faceted disability. Cerebal Palsy is a neurological birth defect that can impair the function of any part of the brain. In her case, her brilliant intellect exists concurrently with lack of muscle coordination and significant speech impediment as well as difficulty in swallowing and performing everyday tasks. Ms. Harris tells in detail of the struggle to learn to take care of herself, earn professional credentials, work in profit and non-profit organisations, and become a contributing member of her community. Her vast experience and engaging personality jump off the pages as you read the compelling account of the highlights of her active life.

My review:
This woman has led a really amazing life! Sheer determination oozes from the text, leading you places you never dreamed it would. Annie Harris' life in a true inspiration! This bookwill make anyone who ever said 'I can't' feel ashamed of themeselves!
The writing is basic and factual in places, but the story that is told really makes up for that. And the conclusion is so heartfelt that it left me thinking 'wow' and quoting it to the rest of my household. 
I truly loved this book. Everyone should read it!

This book was given to me in exchange for an honest review!

Action Reader's Action: Make a point of making sure you never say 'I can't do that' during the next week. Make it your personal goal to instead find out how you can do it!

What do you dream of doing?

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