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Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Listening to music whilst reading

Today's topics:
  • Do you need silence when you read?
  • Tell us about what music you listen to when reading
  • Does the sort of book you're readig influence what music you listen to?

Think of a world without any music....

.....and you'll discover my reading time. Its the one time when all music stops for me, whether it be played from a CD player or that within my head.

What's the reason for this?
I guess it could be that all  my creativity is taken up with imagining the strange new world described in my book. Instead of music going round inside my head, there are pictures of new places and I wonder what each character would do in a different situation.

I know when a book truly doesn't inspire me because its then that I start humming to myself. My mind is no longer focussed on the words infront of me, but instead wandering through the tunes that I know.

If I'm truly engrossed in a book then I need silence. What's the point of music when you can't hear it? What's the point in noise which simply distracts from the moment of bliss? I want the world that my brain sees to be that which my eyes are reading, pure and simple. Only then can I really do justice to the author's intentions.
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