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Monday, 13 August 2012

Book Soundtrack

Today's Topic Suggestions:
  • If your current (or recent read) was turned into a movie what songs/music would feature in the soundtrack?
  • Share the soundtrack of (or one song from) a book that has already been turned into a movie
  • If you're writing a book (or a story) what songs would you pick for its soundtrack?
  • Pick a song and tell me which book's soundtrack it would feature in

What a Performance by Reginald Frary (the movie soundtrack)

In some respects this is a quite easy one to do since the whole book is about choirs, but then again it might make it harder to select a few (and I think most movies also need some more popular songs to make them interesting). Also I've only read the first few chapters, so I don't know what will happen later on yet.
  1. Organ medley
  2. All Things Bright and Beautiful
  3. The Battle Hymn of the Republic (slow melodic version)
  4. The Hills are Alive with the Sound of Music
  5. Kyrie in G Minor by Vivaldi
  6. Shout to the Lord by Hillsong
  7. Concerto No5 in E Flat by Vivaldi
  8. Beautiful World by Take That
  9. Imagine by John Lennon
  10. Beautiful Saviour by Stuart Townsend
  11. Holy By Matt Redman
  12. Hark the Herald Angels Sing
  13. The Prophet's Song by Queen
  14. The Battle Hymn of the Republic
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