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Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Characterising An Attitude To Music

Today's Theme Suggestions:
  • Tell us about a chosen character's musical tastes
  • Share a quote about a character's attitudes to music or a type of music
  • Choose a piece or style of music and write a passage about a character who has strong feelings about it

Analgypta Huggs from 'Hogfather' by Terry Pratchett
The singers were halfway down Park Lane now, and halfway through 'The Red Rosy Hen greats the Dawn of the Day' in marvellous harmony. Their collecting tins were already full of donations for the poor of the city, or at least those sections of the poor who in Mrs Huggs' opinion were suitably picturesque and not too smelly and could be relied on to say thank you...
In fact the hen is not the bird traditionally associated with heralding a new sunrise, but Mrs Huggs, while collecting many old folk songs for posterity, had taken care to rewrite them where necessary to avoid, as she put it, 'offending those of a refined disposition with unwarranted coarseness'. Much to her surprise, people often couldn't spot the unwarranted coarseness until it had been pointed out to them.
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