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Sunday, 19 August 2012

Character Interview: The Music Edition

Today's Topic Suggestion:
  • Imagine you are interviewing a character from a book that you've read on the topic of their musical tastes. What would you ask them and what would their answers be?
  • Imagine you are being interviewed by a character from a book that you've read about your own musical tastes. Type up your answers to their questions.
  • If you could interview any character who would you interview and what would you ask them about music?

Interview with Mrs Huggs from 'Hogfather' by Terry Pratchett

Mrs Huggs, can you explain to our readers what your latest choir project aims to achieve?
You see, come the Christmas season many people like to sing old-fashioned songs. To my dismay I discovered, upon venturing to collect songs suitable for this time of year together into one volume, that some of these are rather coarse in nature. I have therefore endeavoured to clean up some of the less discernable songs to make them suitable for those with a more refined disposition.

Some people say that you are over-sensitive. Others that they never understood what was rude about the original words in the first-place. How do you respond to these claims?
Some less refined people than those in our carefully selected choir may not be able to comprehend our endeavours. However, such unwarranted coarseness certainly won't be appreciated by the benefactors of our charitable institution.

What is the latest song to undergo your own particular treatment?The latest addition to our repertoire is 'The Red Rosy Hen greets the Dawn of the Day', a piece which our singers perform in marvellous harmony.

Isn't the, ahem, male bird better associated with greeting the dawn?
One sometimes has to employ artistic license to these old folk songs. After all sometimes a chicken is nothing but a bird.

Thankyou for your time Mrs Huggs. We wish you all the best for the future of your stirling work.

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