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Monday, 8 August 2011

Suggested Activity 7: Simply stay at home

Simply stay at home

Our readers say:
I usually go on holiday once a year to some place in Europe, but that's usually during spring or autumn. In summer the best place to be is home. :)
I just enjoy staying at home. I know that sounds very boring to most, but, I find hotel rooms very uncomfortable, so prefer my own surrounding

Sometimes we forgot the pleasures that home can bring. We can be so pre-occupied with getting away to foreign climbs, that we forget the benefits that our local environment can offer. You could check out those board games that have been unplayed for years, watch a DVD, read a book, or just simply relax. Alternatively, check out what's going on local to you. Most towns and cities will have some sort of tourist information, they may also have a website. You might also be surprised what information can often be found just walking around a town from posters and advertisements in shop windows.

Over to you: What things do you like doing at home?
Do you think its better to stay in or go out?

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