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Friday, 26 August 2011

100 followers giveaway! (International)

Thanks ever so much to all of you who follow this blog, its really appreciated! It means a lot to know that you guys are out there reading what I'm writing!

As a way of saying thankyou, I'd like to mark my milestone of 100 followers with my first ever rafflecopter giveaway! Yes, that's right, rafflecopter has come to 'The Story Factory Reading Zone'! This means that there will be extra optional additional entries for those who are interested in doing so. But if you prefer the easy option then just feel free to leave your name and e-mail as usual (there will be an option for doing just this in the form!).

But what can we win? I hear you say.
Well, its sort of a surprise! I can tell you that I will be a goodie bag, including at least one book reviewed on this site, some bookmarks and a few extra surprises as well. Since this is a special, one-off event I'm also making this international!

You have until the end of September to enter.
Good luck!

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