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Monday, 12 August 2013

Water Harvest by Eric Diehl (A Review)

About the book:

The Great Houses of Kast'ar have grown complacent. Technological adaptation bolsters a fragile biosphere, but one quandary remains unattended. Lunar-based harvest vessels orbit continuously, extracting their toll of moisture from the upper atmosphere.

Over time, the planet dries.

Now the Rules are caught unawares when a lunar enclave launches an invasion intended to seize control of the Harvest. House Alar, the greatest of the bloodline Keeps, falls before the predatory warlord. The invader's technology is strong and they are aided by the Guild; wizard-like practitioners whose hallucinogen-induced evocations bend fate to their will.

It falls to Cairn, Legion pilot and displaced heir to Alar, to persuade the House Alliance to intercede. His father and his love Neilai are held hostage, and a battered Cairn is dispatched to carry the vile interloper's edict. With few resources at hand, Cairn and boisterous comrade Dirc Cutter are thrust into a changed world. The Alliance falters and Cairn, son of House Alar, learns how little he knows of his home world.

A science-fiction adventure, fall of battles, this story draws heavily on concepts and terms that will be familiar to all that enjoy the genre.
The plot was interesting, with some unusual twists. Unfortunately I found it hard to follow in places, which was quite infuriating considering the length of the book. I think this was partly due to the long battle scenes, and partly due to sudden changes in alliances.
The battle scenes were complex and, at times, quite gripping. They were full of detail and relatively easy to picture. 
I think that anyone who likes reading about battles would really enjoy this book. Unfortunately there were rather too many of these scene for me. 

Action Reader's Action:
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What motivates you? 

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