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Friday, 9 August 2013

One Hit Wonderland by Tony Hawks (A Review)

About the book:

 Its 1988 and radios across the land blast out the Top Ten hit 'Stutter Rap' by Morris Minor and the Majors. The man behind the fake moustache is Tony Hawks.
Fast-forward to the 21st century and those heady days of pop stardom are a distant memory. That is, until it is suggested that Tony is a One Hit Wonder. Really? We'll see about that...
For two years Tony struggles to have a hit, somewhere- anywhere- in the world, changing acts and styles with a bewildering lack of integrity. From Nashville to Amsterdam, from Eastern Europe to Africa, he travels the globe in search of that elusive hit.
But it's only after a chance encounter with Norman Wisdom that things get really strange. Is it possible that together they could storm the Albanian charts?
In One Hit Wonderland anything can happen...

My review:
Witty and funny, you never know where this book will go next. I just love the way Tony Hawk's mind seems to work, taking the impossible and making it possible in the most unbelievable way.
Sometimes its hard to believe that any of this is real. Its not all down-hill sailing but, even during the uphill passages, this book never ceases to provide good reading. The most entertaining part is saved right to the end, but you won't regret reading the rest to get there. 
This isn't the best Tony Hawks book in my opinion, but it certainly a great light-hearted read.

Action Reader's Action:
What's your aim in life? Spend some time thinking about how you can achieve it.

What's your favourite one-hit wonder?
(If you can, provide a link to YouTube so that we can check it out as well)

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