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Monday, 5 August 2013

Music Out of The Pages: Making Instruments

Dragonsinger by Anne McCaffrey
....."Then Robinton wants you to borrow a gitar. Master Jerint is sure to have a spare one usable in the workshop. You'll have to make your own, you know. Unless you made one for Petiron at the Sea Hold?"
"I had none of my own." Menolly was rlieved that she could keep her voice steady.
"But Petiron took his with him. Surely you..."
"I had use of it, yes." Menolly managed to keep her tone even as she rigidly suppreessed the memory of how she had lost the use, the beating her father had given her for forbidden tuning, playing her own songs. "I made myself pipes..." she added, diverting Silvina from further questions. Rummaging in her bundle, she brought out the multiple pipes she had made in her cave by the sea.
"Reeds? And done with a belt knife by the look of them," said Silvina, walking to the window for more light as she turned the pipes in a critical examination. "Well done for juust a belt knife." She reeturned the pipes to Menolly with an approving expression. "Petiron was a good teacher."

Have you ever made an instrument?
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