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Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Review: Never After by Rebecca Lickiss

Goodreads description:

A prince in search of a bride, a lady in search of adventure, and a wizard in search of a job each follow a folktale to a remote castle buried in thorns and briars and find what they seek in this delightful non-Grimm fairy tale from the author of "Eccentric Circles."

My review:
A charming and entertaining spin on the world of fairy-tales, this book seemed like a lesser Terry Pratchett to me. 
I enjoyed trying to spot the different traditional tales that were woven into the story. However, it seemed rather too familiar at times.
My favourite character was Prince Atheslstain. I felt rather sorry for him at times and I think this was enhanced by the well-rounded nature of the other characters that  surrounded him.
A light-hearted easy read.

I wonder, what is your favourite fairy-tale?

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