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Saturday, 5 October 2013

Treatment or Adaption?

Crashing Eden by Michael Sussman

"What the hell's that?"
"Electroconvulsive therapy. They're gonna zap my brain, dude."
"They still do that" I was.... well, shocked. Shock treatment was what turned Nicolson into a zombie in the movie.
Hector said Dr. Weiner told him that ECT is much safer now and often used as a last resort for severe depression when other treatments fail. He'd be anesthetized and given muscle relaxants, and then a small current of electricity would be passed through his brain, inducing a seizure. The usual course was ten to twelve treatments on an every other day basis.
"How does a friggin' seizure help anything?" I asked.
"They don't know, man, but it works. For six months or so anyway. Only problem is, you can forget stuff."

What do you think?
Is treatment, or adaption to disability better? 

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