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Monday, 7 October 2013

Music Out of the Pages: Hearing the extra-ordinary

Crashing Eden by Michael Sussman

When I awoke, the first thing I noticed was that the sound hadn't gone away. In fact, it was a little louder. Was Dr. Krantz wrong about them piping music into the joint, or was I seriously whacked?
The more I listened to it, though, the more awed I felt by what I heard. Words couldn't capture the power or the beauty of this strange yet familiar music. There was something primal, something ancient and profound about it, as if I were somehow witnessing the creation of the universe.
Out of curiousity, I closed my ears with my index fingers. I figured that if the sound was all in my head, blocking out the world wouldn't make any difference. But, in fact, when my ears were plugged, Istill felt a vibration but heard nothing. How could that be?

Have you ever been able to hear something that others couldn't?
How did you explain it to them?
Did you have to explain it to yourself first? 

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