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Tuesday, 11 September 2012

D.R.T. by Ray Ellis (A Review)

Registered sex offenders in Treasure Valley have started showing up dead, killed with apparent violence and forethought; and Detective Nate Richards finds himself pitted against a psychotic killer set on ridding the valley of the unclean.
When Chrystal Johnson, the only female on the killer's list, barely escapes the attempt on her life, Richards takes her into protective custody. Driven by the voice he calls God and a group of men he calls the Uncles, the killer sets a deadline of two weeks to complete the valley's cleansing.
Around him, the community divides about the actions of the vigilante. Some hail the killer as a modern day knight, only doing what they wish they could; while others curse him as being part of the sickness he claims to fight.
With the deasline quickly approaching, and the city threatening to tear itself apart, will the killer fulfill his calling or will Nate stop the killings before another victim turns up DEAD RIGHT THERE. 

My review:
Following on from N.H.I, this is yet another great detective story. Focussing around the complexities of forgiveness and revenge, this book tackles deep issues in a meaningful way.

Nate's character comntinues to be well-rounded and one of the greatest features of the writing is the way in which his personal and professional lives intertwine in a truly captivating fashion.

I was really excited to read that another book, I.A.I., is due out at the end of the year. 

I was provided with a copy of this books in exchange for an honest review.

Action Reader's Action: Pray for the unwanted of society.

Question: Do you think the killer was in the right or the wrong to do what they did?

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