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Thursday, 1 March 2012

Happy World Book Day

If you hadn't realised already today is World Book Day.

It's one of my favourite days of the year- a time when we can really celebrate books! Loads of schools in the UK (and elsewhere in the world, I guess) have been dressing up as bookish characters, doing sponsored reads, or sharing their favourite reads with other classes. And, of course, each child has received a £1 book token to spend at their local bookstore.

The official website says:
This is the 15th year there’s been a World Book Day, and on 1st March children of all ages will come together to appreciate reading. Very loudly and very happily. The main aim of World Book Day in the UK and Ireland is to encourage children to explore the pleasures of books and reading by providing them with the opportunity to have a book of their own.

What are you doing to celebrate World Book Day?

Well, I was down in the woods this morning, preparing a big surprise. OK, it wasn't exactly the woods- but it was a big surprise judging by the looks I got. I popped round to an area of trees just over the road from a secondary school and a short walk away from a nearby primary school. Then, and this was the fun part, I hung lots of children's books from the tree branches. Each of them was registered with bookcrossing and protected by its very own plastic bag. The purpose? To encourage passing pupils to enjoy the fun of reading and to provide free books for some of the primary aged children.

4pm, and I passed by the school once more. Where this morning there had been a forest of books, now there were just a few pieces of string and empty bags. I hope this means that they've found a good home (or stopping place to rest before their next journey.

I'd like to give a big thankyou to all the bookcrossers for encouraging me to keep releasing through they're own great stores and those who have picked up and journalled my releases for giving me great joy. But a particular big thanks goes to MissMarkey for giving me the idea of making a bookcrossing tree for children.
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