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Friday, 9 April 2010

Controlled release #7, wild release #35

Sent 'The City of Dreaming Books' on its way to the next bookring participant and entered it into the science fiction and fantasy challenge.
I do love doing these bookring and bookrays. At the moment I've been lucky enough to not get too many arrivals at the same time, although I'm finding it hard to read these quickly, the bookclub books in the right month and books for challenges before the challange ends. Bought a magnetic bookmark with 'So many books, so little time' written on it, as it really ecapsulates my current reading situation.

Also wild released 'Ghost of A Chance' and entered it into the BCID and science fiction challenges. Left it in the local job-centre as I released that there was not much to look at whilst waiting for an appointment. Was pleased to see someone reading about BookCrossing as I went out. Hopefully they'll either take and register the book or take the concept with them.
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